Blythe Thomas is a music video filmmaker and photographer. She has a distinct ability to capture the artists she works with in both a striking and honest fashion. 


Blythe offers a unique creative imagination that helps her produce content based around each artist’s own branding and identity. That creative mind, coupled with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and an encouraging way of directing, allows her to make any client genuinely feel at ease on set (while getting a killer product).


At 24-years-old, Blythe has created a thriving business and a consistent client list within the music industry. Her work ranges in official music videos, documentarian work, behind the scenes content, official promotional photography, and more. Clients include Sony Music (Columbia Records), Warner Music Group (Warner Nashville, Atlantic), and Universal Music Group (Def Jam, Verve Records). Major management companies include Scooter Braun Projects, Sandbox Entertainment, and Red Light Management.


To date, her work has been featured in both major print and online publications, such as TIME, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Huffington Post, Billboard, Ryan Seacrest, E! Online, Teen Vogue, BuzzFeed, Snapchat, Vice + more. As of November 2016, her videos have collectively been streamed online over 50 million times. 


Blythe currently lives + travels between Nashville, Los Angeles, and New York City.

Complete business profile PDF available upon request.




HEY, I'M BLYTHE (bl-eye-th)


Born in New York with a hard to pronounce first name, upon turning 18 I moved to Nashville and became the only southern import in my family. I began pursuing videography/photography in the summer of 2013 after throwing the idea of pursuing a conventional job straight out of the window.

I have a huge passion for music, but zero ability to create it (other than playing guitar by myself). I’m incredibly grateful for a career that not only enables me to be surrounded by music regularly, but to get to produce content around songs and artists I’m greatly inspired by. In addition to working within the music industry, I have a huge heart for humanitarian work, namely working with children in the orphan system abroad. Anytime my job allows me to take on either kind of project, it’s a good day.

I sometimes have a hard time labeling what it is exactly I do, because each job I take on is just a little bit different. Two things are common: directing and content creation. My intention is to always create and collaborate with clients and make videos and photographs that match their vision. I believe in dreaming with no ceiling, and working until that dream is realized.

Here’s some quick facts about me, outside of what I do: I love taking risks and going on adventures. I love talking to God. I recently finished watching Criminal Minds and don’t know what to do with myself. A good Moscow Mule is my go-to drink. Meditating in the morning is the best way to start my day. I’m both a dreamer and a “do-er”. I hate being in front of the camera. My favorite Snapchat filter is the classic dog. If I had to pick a favorite song, it would be either “XO” by Beyoncé or “All Night” by Beyoncé. Creating Spotify playlists is so much of a hobby for me, that I thought it was important enough to have a tab for it on my website (plug). I lose my wallet regularly. My friends are my greatest source of inspiration. Southwest is my go-to airline. Nashville is the greatest city I’ve ever lived in, though my heart is in many cities (usually equated to the people I love who live there). I have four tattoos, including the phrase “all in” on my right wrist. Two of my best guy friends have that same tattoo. A favorite quote that’s stuck with me over the years: “anything that’s worthwhile is never easy.” A recent quote I’ve heard and loved: “the most revolutionary thing a woman can do is not explain herself.” 

That’s all I can think of for now. Some of it might not be very relevant, or even cool. I tried looking cool in the past, but found no one ever got to know much about me when I did. I’m hoping that when we connect, you tell me all kinds of things about you. I want to know you, so as to best produce content that reflects what it is you want to say. 

That’s a lot about me. The most important part of this entire process though, is you. You and your artistic identity. To help facilitate your vision through the content we create is my key intention. So, lets start at the beginning. Drop me a line here, and we’ll get it rolling. 

Tacos are always welcomed on set.